Whether you are a first-time or frequent visitor, a resident or just generally crazy about Öland - here you will be able to seize the day, enjoy life, experience nature and culture, have an active holiday or just listen to the waves hitting the beach.
Långe Erik
Tio Öländska Utflyktspärlor

Vad gör en utflykt riktigt lyckad? Oavsett vad just du vill göra helst av allt, kan vi lova att utflykterna...

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Utflykt till Penåsa med Malin Björkholm
tips & favoriter
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Highlights of the year

Easter, Öland's art landscape, the Victoria days and Öland's Harvest festival are some of the island's largest and most popular holidays and events! Experience the community too and book these events in the calendar!


Ölands Skördefest, Albrunna Pumpor
Sep 28 - okt 2
The harvest festival
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Victoriadagarna | Victoriakonserten
July 9-15
Victoria Days
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Öland offers events for all ages and tastes. Participate in heart-pounding competitions, listen to music with friends or experience exciting events at castles and palaces with the whole family!