Many visitors say that this six kilometer journey between land and island, surrounded by glittering water, brings a certain peace of mind. Relax, fill your lungs with the Öland air and feel a warm welcome to the island of sun and wind. It does not matter whether you are a first-time or frequent visitor, a resident or just generally crazy about Öland - here you will be able to seize the day, enjoy life, experience nature and culture, have an active holiday or just listen to the waves hitting the beach.  

Utflykt till Penåsa med Malin Björkholm
the lush season
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Bödabukten Sandstrand
Hidden summer treasures of Öland
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Slottsskogen i Borgholm på Öland
the golden season
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Skridskoåkning på Stora alvaret
Winter tips on Öland
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