To enjoy the spring on Öland is something very special. Walpurgis Night on 30 April is celebrated with large bonfires in villages all around the island, often arranged by the local heritage centre. Enjoy the light, the air and the colours! The pale and cold winter days are softened by the warm sunbeams. Blue anemones, white wood anemones and blue bulbous perennials spread joyfully across the fields and paths. Springtime on Öland tends to bring fine weather, particularly in May, when the average daytime temperature rises to 20 degrees. Öland Spirar is an annual springtime festival that marks the start of an eventful season on our beautiful island. Various activities related to the spring season can be enjoyed across the island, such as open gardens, concerts, food, handicraft and open studios and art galleries. Get inspired by all things blooming! Allow yourself to be seduced by the orchids' colours and beauty. The early species start to flower in May, but if you are lucky you may spot the pretty Elder-flowered Orchid already in April. If you really want to see many different varieties perhaps a guided orchid tour on Southern Öland's Great Alvar is something for you?   

Spring tips from Öland lovers 

People who love Öland share some of their most beloved favourites, perhaps some of them will become your favourites too! 


Helena Elm - Eketorps Borg
Excursion with Helena
Eketorps fortress and the southern Öland
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Helena Elm - Flyga Drake i Blasinge Hamn
Excursion with Helena
Gårdby & Bläsinge
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Gråborg grillplats
Excursion with Helena
Gråborg & Kapelludden
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Hamnen i Stora Rör
Excursion with Helena
Stora Rör
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experience the nature of Öland

Pumb up the bike tires, pack the binoculars, polish the hiking boots, or get your hourse ready. It's time to experience spring on Öland! Öland is a paradise whether you travel by bicycle, hourse, or simply walk. Look for birds hiding in the leafy forest, smell the scents of hedge and lilac, get your heart rate up, and gallop along the shore. 


Vandra på alvaret, Möckelmossen
Hiking on Öland

Here are fantastic hiking trails with different lengths, surfaces and experiences.

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Fågelskådning vid Hornsjön
Nature reserve

It is a privilege that we get to take part in the changing and fragile nature on Öland!

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Cykla Gillberga
Cycling on Öland

Around the island there are fantastic cycle paths with routes that suit all cyclists

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10 hidden treasures

Discover our hidden treasures which brings you to the most beautiful and exciting places on Öland! 


Elise Restaurang i Djupvik
Öländska Smaker
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Hotell Borgholm
Bo på Öland
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highlights of spring

Öland Spirar och Konstlandskapet Öland are some of the largest and most beloved festivities and events of the spring season. You can also experience this community feeling by marking these events in your calendar! 

Målning på canvasduk
Datum för 2024 kommer
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10-12 maj 2024
Öland Spirar
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