Experience a total and authentic Öland food experience - for real! Here you will find farm shops with local ingredients, cafes and restaurants for the special occasion, bakeries with goodies to fill the picnic basket with, breweries and vineyards in micro format and other producers and processors who let us take part in the Öland flavors!
Öländska Kroppkakor
Body Cakes

Body cakes in the Öland way are a delicacy! They are made with raw grated and boiled potatoes with salted...

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Ekerum Resort Öland Restaurang
White Guide

Galettes and crêpes. IPA and shortribs. Pralines, wheat buns, oatmeal. Herb-edged plates. Strawberries...

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Grillning i skymningen

Cook outdoors!

Going on an excursion to discover new places is always cozy and also cooking over an open fire is something very special and creates memories that we carry with us through life. Meeting family and friends outdoors with plenty of space is not only nice but also a safe way to socialize.

Here we therefore want to recommend some of the island's landscaped barbecue areas. The barbecue areas are open to everyone and can not be booked in advance. Of course, you put out the fire and clean up after yourself when you go so that it is just as cozy for the next visitor.

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Evenemang & Händelser

Öland erbjuder evenemang för alla åldrar och smaker. Följ med på matvandring på alvaret eller kanske längs med stenkusten. Upplev smaker, känn dofter och fördjupa dig i det kulinariska Öland.