Good to know

Find brochures and maps, travel information and tourist information as well as contact information for Ölands Turistbyrå and the tourism organisation. Here you can also read about how you can love Öland in a gentle way.

Vandra på Stora alvaret
Tourist information

Take a look at brochures, maps and things that can be good to know before your trip to Öland!

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Travel information

Car, bus. flight or train, you choose what will be most convenient for your trip to Öland.

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Picknick i Sandbergen
Love Öland with care

Öland is a fragile island and many areas are very valuable for the ecosystem. That's why we love Öland...

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Cykla i Neptuni Åkrar på Öland
Turistbyrå & InfoPoints

På Ölands Turistbyrå hjälper vi dig som besökare eller invånare med allt du vill veta om Öland.

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Ölands Turismorganisation

Vårt mål är att få fler att uppleva ön och att upptäcka det många av oss redan vet - att Öland är en...

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Love Öland with care

It is a privilege that we get the opportunity to take part in the changing nature on Öland and get close to it, even if it is protected nature. But with freedom also comes responsibility. The nature on Öland is fragile and many areas are valuable to the ecosystem. That is why we love Öland in a careful way so that we can continue to enjoy unique nature experiences during the four seasons.

Thanks to the right of public access, we can move freely in Swedish nature. But what does the right of public access mean, what can you do and what do you have to think about? Read more about it here.

Responsibly & caring

Here we have collected tips on experiences for all the senses, which are adapted to make you feel safe during your stay on Öland. We have been given the confidence to travel within Sweden with responsibility and consideration. We would therefore like to remind you of the importance of following the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations and only travel if you feel fully healthy. Read confirmed coronavirus (COVID -19) information at The Swedish Public Health Agency och The County Administrative Board.

Thank you for helping to reduce the spread of infection.
Welcome to a responsible and caring stay with us on Öland!

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