Resmo Krukmakeri
10 May 2022
Tips & Inspiration

The ceramic round

There is no shortage of cultural experiences on Öland during the golden season. A large number of art studios and craftsmen are open. Here you get tips on ceramic experiences around the whole island in September. And you, do not forget that the range is greater than what we suggest. Take the opportunity to make one or more stops with a café or restaurant visit on the way.

Keramik Haget, Caroline Möller

Opens for visits, call for an appointment 070-600 09 29
Find Hagskogsvägen 185, Byxelkrok

Keramik Haget is located a few kilometers south of Byxelkrok by the scenic Hagskogsvägen. Here Caroline Möller runs her ceramics workshop all year round with sales and a gallery. View beautiful and unique objects in stoneware and marvel at raku-burnt works of art.

Handkraft Keramik

See Handkraft's website for opening hours, call to book a time 076-615 14 13
Find Trädgårdsgatan 2, Borgholm.

In the courtyard house in the showy garden on Trädgårdsgatan in the middle of Borgholm, the potters Annika Liepa and Carl-Olof Damm have their common pottery shop. Here you are met by sculpted animals, people and imaginary creatures in stoneware both outdoors and indoors.


Kookon - Swedish Design Studio

See the website for opening hours
Find Storgatan 24, Borgholm

On Storgatan in Borgholm, you can enjoy furnishings in natural materials. Take part in Kookoon's self-designed and self-made series of pottery, named after the Öland landscape.

Alséns - Crafts from Öland

See the website for opening hours. 
Find  Areskogs väg 7, Färjestaden.

At Alséns, on the edge of the country castle with a view of Kalmarsund, you will find handicrafts for decorating rooms and gardens such as candlesticks, marshal lanterns and pots. In the shop there is also the opportunity to see the craft up close. When it's turned in the workshop, you can look in and see how it goes.


See their opening hours on their website. 
Find  Paradisvägen 2, Färjestaden.

North of Färjestaden there is an excursion destination for all the senses with large, bright exhibition areas, an open ceramics workshop and an inspiring shop. Here you will find both utensils and unique barrels and urns inspired by vegetation and organic forms - a design language that has become known throughout Sweden.

Lotta & Mary

Se their opening hours on their website
Find Södra Hamnplan 5, Färjestaden.

In Färjestadens harbor, you are welcomed straight into the cozy ceramics workshop and shop run by Lotta Sjöberg. Here, art and utility ceramics are turned into beautiful shapes and the shop also has jewelery and clothes. Take the chance to book a try-out turn.

Malin Adner

Call to book a appointment 070-247 65 30
Find  Scoutvägen 1, Mörbylånga.

In Mörbylånga sugar factory's old premises, it is full of creativity. Here Malin Adner has her ceramics studio. In Malin's work, nature is the greatest source of inspiration. She creates both utensils and unique objects where leaves and vegetation are recurring motifs.

Resmo Krukmakeri

Visit their website for opening hours
Find Resmo 113, Mörbylånga.

In the large yellow-plastered house on the corner of Resmo, you can visit the potters Karin Scharp and Ulf Johansson. Here they have had their workshop and shop since the start in 1983. They mainly create utensils such as teapots, jugs, mugs, colanders, cutlery racks and candlesticks.


Opens the store during visits. Call for an appointment 070-794 26 06 
Find Lilla Brunneby 117, Mörbylånga.

In the old school with a view of the beach meadows down to the Baltic Sea on southeastern Öland, the ceramicist PG Olsson and the artist Haidi Björk work. The studio is combined with the shop and here you can enjoy both utensils in ceramics and textile and glass art.