World Heritage Southern Öland - Nunnedalen

Nunnedalen lies just south of Vickleby and is a narrow strip of deciduous forest just below the western ridge. During spring, the ground here is covered in blue anemone, white wood anemone and yellow wood anemone.


Furthermore, you will find the Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem as well as various types of Corydalis nobilis, to name just a few examples of the rich local flora. Ivy is spread out over a large area and climbs up many of the tall oak and ash trunks. There is also a small altar where meetings and wedding ceremonies occasionally take place. Along the ridge in the landscape runs the Landborgsleden trail, and at the foot of the ridge stretches the Paradisstigen trail, with a total length of 4 km. This is probably an ancient route between the churches in Resmo and Vickleby. Two parking areas serve the Nunnedalen area along the main road 136.

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