Triberga Fortress

Triberga Fortress

Triberga fortress lies just west from the village and bog Triberga, which is named after the Ancylusvallen.


The Fortress Build-Up
The castle is relatively small and has a diameter of 60 meters with the outer diameter on a reach up to almost 110 meters. The castle has also an outer wall, which today has grass on the wall with a width of five meters. The height of the wall is around two meters; originally it was up to four-five meters. The width varies between six and nine meters, but from the beginning was about five meters. The opening is towards the southeast part, towards the land and towards where the civilization most likely was. A filled up part from countersinking is probably the rests of a well.

Location and usage
The castle’s build-up usually compares to Eketorp’s Castle and it’s probably true that Triberga castle also was used during the medieval times beginning. The castle can be put together with trading and communication, because it lies at an old road section. This “ancient road” is partly paved, starts at Triberga läge and continues over Stora Alvaret and on to Resmo church, on the left side. Records show that the road continues to Fröbygårda, earlier an important trading place down towards Kalmarsund.

Out on Alvaret are, except the castle, also graves. Especially characteristic is a 350 meter long passage with 11 stone settings with a grave field. There are also a bigger mound of stones with a brim of 31 meter in diameter and 1,5 meter high. Within Triberga alvar grounds, remains after twelve guard huts, ten older lines of roads, five landmarks or hake, one stone bridge, a victim throw pit except the “traditionally” prehistoric remnants, has been discovered. A lot of relics are connected to the road which means they can also be prehistoric.