Sandby Castle

Sanby Castle is the only ancient castle that lies close to the water and has had much attention the last years because of the fantastic findings that have been made there.


The castle has caused some puzzles because of the location, and because it doesn’t fit in with the traditional picture of an ancient castles history. Traditionally have the castles on Öland been interpreted as an escape fortress when there were worried times, and a place next to the sea indicates that one didn’t have time to gather one’s belongings and run to the castle for protection before the invaders had landed with their boats and started to plunder. Thoughts have been made that the castle may have been built by vendical seafarers or that one wanted to defend themselves from invaders from land. For its arrangement and looks the castle is very similar like the other castles on the island, which speaks for a domestic builder.

Amazing findings and attacks
The wall towards land is much thicker and if you study it closer it seems like it once was another wall, close to the first one. There are also traces of crafting in forms of boulders which blocked an imposter from attacking at close range. In 2010, a georadar survey of the castle was made, in an effort to map the ancient house grounds, which are now no longer visible above ground. In connection with this survey, looting pits where discovered after treasure hunters. An after study was made to try and save what was left and for instance 5 spectacular relief buckles was discovered from the year 400. The interest of the castle was reignited and followed years have been investigated by Kalmar Läns Museum. Even though it’s just a few percent that has been investigated of the castles surface, several dead bodies have been discovered. On the skeletons are traces of stab wounds which show that the castle was invaded during the year 400 late half. After the incident, no one came to bury the dead and the castle was abandoned. The castle is free for visitors, but there are no signs to