Trollskogens naturreservat.JPG

Nature reserves on Öland

There are 75 nature reserves across the whole of Öland, covering a wide variety of nature types.

Welcome to some of Öland's most exquisite natural areas. Trollskogen (the enchanted forest), Neptuni åkrar (a vast cobble beach), Vickleby alvar and Ottenby are just four of the 75 nature reserves that can be found across Öland.

These nature reserves help us protect and preserve valuable nature.
When a new nature reserve is established, its borders are marked with posts containing a picture of a snow crystal on a blue background. Furthermore, an information display with a map describes the area’s nature, landmarks and any sights in more detail.

Permitted and prohibited in nature reserves
Each nature reserve is unique and therefore has its own regulations to safeguard the local natural values. The reserve’s purpose will determine what is and is not allowed. Signs will inform about what restrictions apply during your visit to the nature reserve. You can also contact the local municipality or county administrative board for more information.