Mörbylångaleden is a hiking trail which covers more than 80 km through areas of unique natural beauty and rich cultural history, between the tourist information centre at the bridge and Ottenby hostel in Näsby.


The trail meanders through a mosaic of Öland’s various nature types, such as the rich flora of Mittlandsskogen (midland forest), which is considered to be Northern Europe’s largest continuous deciduous forest south of the Scandinavian mountains. The forest has for the largest part developed on old grazing pastures and hay-fields which were used since the Iron Age. Today, you can still see small forest clearings interspersed with arable fields, meadows and wetlands. The trail leads for a large part over the Great Alvar where it follows the old railway embankment. Besides the scenic experience, you will also be able to enjoy art in the form of various sculptures scattered across the wide open landscape. The trail passes herbaceous seaside pastures, across sandy cliffs, along pebble beaches and through age-old villages. The hiking trail is divided into five sections and marked with red wooden poles. Along the route you will find wind-shielded resting-places, basic toilets, fireplaces and information displays about Öland’s nature, culture and history.

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Stage 1: Ölands Turistbyrå - Station Linné, Skogsby. Distance: 18 km
Stage 2: Station Linné, Skogsby - Mörbylånga. Distance: 18 km
Stage 3: Mörbylånga - Kastlösa. Distance: 13.5 km
Stage 4: Kastlösa - Gammalsby. Distance: 22 km
Stage 5: Gammalsby - Ottenby (hostel) Distance: 12 km

Accessibility-adapted section
Wheelchair hiking is possible on the Mörbylångaleden between Penåsa and Skärlöv. The trail here follows an old railway bank, and the surface consists of a hard gravel road, in the middle grass. Järnvägsbanken is surrounded by Penåsabäcken and the Great Seriousness.

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