Eketorp fortress
Eketorp fortress
Eketorp fortress
Eketorp fortress

Eketorp fortress

Welcome to Eketorp’s Castle! Eketorp is an excavated ancient fortress where the houses have been recreated directly from the ancient monument in the ground. If you have an interest with nature and culture, this place will bring light to the castle’s interesting history, archeology and the fauna of the Alvaret. For guiding in English: 4 pm

The ring wall is five meters high and six meters in width and inside there are Iron Age houses in stone and medieval houses made of wood which has been built with old material and craftsmanship.

As a visitor you will experience an ancient castle and its size and how it once operated. Experience a lively Iron Age and Medieval times, participate in different chores and handcrafts every day. For an example, you can try baking bread, archery, king riding, textile work, games and playing and much more. Or why not join one of the guided tours around the castle which are several times during the day.

June 18th-21st
Open Monday-Thursday 11:00-17:00
OBS! Closed midsummer June 22nd-24th

June 25th- August 12th (Highseason)
Open Monday-Sunday 10:30-18:00

August 15th-26th
Open Wednesday-Sunday 11:00-17:00

July 20th-22nd, Fight at Eketorp – Join a special guided tour and learn more about the medieval life in the castle. Learn about healing herbs and soldier care – how they cured wounds, bad memory and love sadness? Watch an archery show with a crossbow. Participate in battle school with Västgöta Hird and watch the show with Malmö Historiska Fäktskola. Learn how to use a sword, a spear and an axe. Both adults and children are welcome!

Adult: 120SEK
Children: (6-18 years) 105 SEK

September 28th- Harvest Night at Eketorp’s Castle – Time for songs, mockery and good food. Come and celebrate with us! Fire shows and scary storytelling will be inside the houses. Practice archery in firey glow. Over an open fire, simmer some harvest soup and ginger drinks. The mockery group Trix will be performing with suggestive and humor fire shows during the evening. Lovely harvestoffers in the store!

Adult: 100 SEK
Children (7-15 years) 60 SEK

Booking with a group: Call +46 (0)485-88800, [email protected], [email protected] or +46(0)485-662000.

Bus drivers and tour guides will go in for free.
If the group is larger than 50 persons, (a full bus), 2 guides are required, i.e., the group will be divided in two halves. 20 people are the limit for the smallest groups. If the group is lesser, it’s still okay to book a guided tour but for the minimum price, which is for 20 people.