11. Ottenby Trails

Öland’s southernmost tip, in the Ottenby area, offers a great deal of trails and paths. Many of the roads in the groves are gravelled and of good quality.


A 600-metre long wheelchair-enabled ramp covers the Schäferi meadows towards the eastern beach. The Kyrkhamnsleden trail runs mainly along the western side of the road between the burial field at Ottenby in the north down to the lighthouse. Besides the enchanting nature, this area offers many archaeological remains which remind the visitor about life here many thousands of years back in time. During the herring fishing periods (between the 12th and 16th centuries) this area was full of life and up till 900 people lived in Kyrkhamn. At the time, this was one of Sweden’s most important fishing harbours. At the Långe Jan lighthouse on the southern tip you will find Ottenby Naturum with a popular bird exhibition and a bird observatory.

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