04. The Bårby Källa Trail

The Bårby Källa hiking trail is located south of Möckelmossen. It is 8-shaped and you can choose the short route (1.8 km) or the longer route (6 km) of the trail. It runs along small ridges, limestone slabs and tableland through the beautiful landscape.


The flora, birdsong and tranquility in combination with many of the Great Alvar’s unique environments such as dry and wet meadows, water-filled pools, gravel alvar, rock-rose heath, limestone ledges, bedrock and karst formations, make this the perfect place to experience Öland’s alvar. On top of a hill, just south of where two paths cross, lies a small mound of white stones which is visible from afar. Here you will find an overgrown stone setting from the Bronze and Iron Ages which is almost perfectly round and measures 8 metres. Your tour will also take you to Mittmuren (the middle wall) which runs for about 40 km in north-southerly direction across the entire alvar, past an old ruin of a shepherd’s cabin, to Bårby Källa and near an oddly-placed wall in the middle of the plain. It is believed this was once used in the training of cartographers. The trail is marked with mounds of stones and the parking area at Möckelmossen is equipped with toilets and information about the Great Alvar and its flora and fauna.

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