03. Örnkullen

Örnkullen is a 5.5-km route which connects the ”Stora alvarleden” with the ”Gösslundaleden”.


Just south of the parking area, at Resmo-Brunnebyvägen, lies Kritmossen. Here are traces of human settlement in the form of a 115-metre long embankment, which served to dam up water from the bog upstream. Reportedly, a small water-mill was once located here, but no traces of this remain. The large stone foundations are believed to be left-over industrial stocks of limestone slabs. Örnkullen is a small ridge with an extensive view over the flat landscape, an ideal place for a short break. Along the trail you will see a number of ruins of small stone houses which were used as shepherd’s cabins. Here are also some smaller bedrock areas and two rather overgrown barrows.

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