02. Stora Alvarleden

Stora Alvarleden is a 13-km hiking trail suitable for bicycles, which follows an old route right across the Great Alvar, from Karlevi to Frösslunda and further down to Resmo-/Stenåsavägen.


Part of this trail will take you through the southern Karlevi nature reserve. Many of the Great Alvar’s different types of nature and localities can be found along the route. On top of a ridge, with views over the wide open spaces, lie the Präströr stone settings with an upright limestone slab. A few kilometres after you have passed Mittmuren (the middle wall) you will arrive at the old linear village of Frösslunda. Near the village, on a small ridge on the edge of the alvar, lie some beautiful limestone cellars. South of the village lies Frösslunda mosse, a shallow marshland lake with a rich bird life. This trail is marked with small mounds of stones. You may need to get off your bicycle and walk at certain parts along the route. There are parking facilities with information displays at both ends of the trail.

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