Bicycle Holiday

Bicycle Holiday

You should take your time when you are cycling on Öland, but not because it takes a lot of effort. Quite the opposite. The small roads almost make you float across the landscape, so that you can focus entirely on enjoying your surroundings. You will probably want to stop and look around at many of the places you pass, so make sure you take all the time you need.

Cycle trails

The cycle trails are clearly signposted along Öland's minor roads.

The Ölandsleden trail is 450 km long and takes you across the entire island, but you can of course select any part of this trail if you prefer a shorter route.

The Sverigeleden trail goes from the Öland bridge to Grankullavik on the northern tip of the island.

The Ecopark cycle trail covers 40 km in the Böda forest. The Böda forest is part of Sveaskog's Ecopark.

More information about the various bicycle trails, cycle maps and route descriptions can be downloaded from

If you don't have your bicycle with you, you can of course rent one.

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