Children & Families

Beach life for all – with or without sand between your toes. If you like swimming you could not have chosen a better destination. Öland is surrounded by water, with the Kalmar Strait to the west and the Baltic Sea to the east. There are fine sandy beaches on both sides of the island, most prominently Böda Sand and Köpingsvik.

Wake-up call: roaring tigers

Located just after the bridge from Kalmar, Öland’s Zoo and Amusement Park welcomes everyone to the island. This is Öland’s own version of a Kinderegg with three wishes in one… A zoo with anything from the smallest, sweetest monkeys to the toughest predators, such as tigers and lions. An amusement park with a tivoli, exciting rides, a haunted house and many other activities. And Pirate Island, a water adventure park with pools, slides and relaxing sun chairs.

Children in the driver’s seat

What child has not dreamed of driving its own car, or better still, a truck! At Lådbilslandet (Cartie Country) in Löttorp, children can drive their own "soap box cars" in a miniature town centered around a church, on roads that wind across the landscape. The cars have real engines and drive on tarmac roads, complete with bridges, roundabouts and crossings.

In Linnaeus’ footsteps

Station Linné offers guided tours, educational courses, a nature school for children and accommodation. As well as being a regional visitors’ centre for the nature of South East Sweden – and the World Heritage Site of Southern Öland in particular – the station is an internationally operating research centre which produces outstanding scientific results.

Eketorp’s ancient fortress

Eketorp fortress is a fully dug-out and rebuilt ancient fort, where the reconstruction has taken place at the very site of the archaeological finds. During the summer season, both children and adults can try a wide range of fun and educational activities, such as archery, pole pillow fights, arts and crafts, medieval games, and baking bread. If you are interested in nature and culture, the fortress’ exciting history, archaeology and Alvar fauna will be just the thing for you.

Island of lighthouses

Make sure you visit one of the many lighthouses while on Öland. Most well-known are Långe Jan in the south and Långe Erik in the north. How many steps are there to the top of each lighthouse?

Böda Skogsjärnväg (forest railway)

Near Öland’s northern tip, you can go for a train ride on the island’s only remaining railway track. From Fagerrör the train will take you to the delightful Trollskogen, the enchanted forest.

Children’s castle

Children can enjoy the castle workshop and knight school at Borgholm Castle. What is a knight? How do you recognise one? What did knights actually do? How can you become a knight? You will find the answers to these questions at Borgholm Castle. Dogs are allowed at the castle.

Camel ranch & mini zoo

Our small zoo is open for all ages during the summer. You're welcome to enjoy a coffee break, cuddle the animals or go for a camel ride! Ormöga Kamelranch was founded in 1991 by Bengt Erlingsson, and in 2010 his daughter Signe started a little zoo here. The season for camel activities stretches from May to October (depending on the weather), whilst the animal park is open from midsummer until the end of August. We aim to offer something for the whole family as well as a rustic and unique experience.