Discover Öland

It is easy to fall in love with Öland – the special light, nature, beaches, sunshine and the people. We would like to welcome you to our little paradise!

Fundamentally different

Öland’s landscape is full of nuances and offers something for everyone. Today, Öland is all about flavours, relaxation, activities, storytelling and meeting people on an island which is fundamentally different. We embrace our uniqueness and our particular geological conditions which have left their mark on everything and everyone. We hope you will feel this too when you visit our fantastic island. Cows may be just that little bit lovelier, farmers and shop assistants slightly more cheerful, and camping staff a bit more attentive than usual. This is what our guests tell us anyway. And we know that the quality of life on Öland plays an important role. We are privileged to be able to experience the magical light, the fresh winds and the special fragrances of Öland every day of the year. It definitely has an effect on those who live here. It makes us a little warmer and a little more down-to-earth. And of course it will spread to those who visit our island, and make them feel very welcome. For information about the logotype of Öland, click here.

Öland – a natural choice

Shallow sandy beaches or steep stone quarries, alvar plains or luscious green forest, modern art or classic handicraft, an Iron Age village or Viking graves, golf courses or archery. During the summer, Öland has something for all tastes. The varying flora in forests, on meadows and on the Alvar. Beaches where children can play, and where you can take a refreshing dip. Art and handicraft for all tastes. Swedish and Scandinavian history. Entertainment ranging from zoos to night clubs.

New winds are blowing on Öland

In the 19th century, Öland boasted some 2,000 windmills of which about 350 are still standing today. New ways of using the wind were introduced – windsurfing and kitesurfing are now firmly established on the island which is known for its wind and sunshine. It is easy to quickly go where the winds are best on our conveniently narrow island. On top of that, the Venturi effect makes the southern winds even stronger when they push through the Kalmar Strait. Surfers now benefit from the fact that the Öland landscape has created a world of its own, something which both bird watchers and botanists have known for ages. After all, Öland is a very diverse island. A mosaic of nature types – such as deciduous forests, beaches, coastal meadows, coniferous forests and alvar – creates a different scenery full of contrasts which is fundamentally different from landscapes in other parts of Sweden. Some large building projects also go like the wind on Öland at the moment. Ekerum Resort Öland is investing in hundreds of new villas, bungalows and a hotel; Köpingbaden is planning to complement its camping facilities with a hotel and cottages; and our beloved crown princess Victoria with family have recently built a new summer residence on the grounds near Solliden. Restaurant Kaj4 in Färjestaden will be offering first-class accommodation with unbeatable views over the Kalmar Strait, at the start of the 2014 season.