Discover Öland's unique nature

Öland, the island of sun and wind, has become a centre for windsurfing and kitesurfing. It is easy to quickly go where the winds are best on our conveniently narrow island. Surfers can benefit from the fact that the Öland landscape has created a world of its own, something which both bird watchers and botanists have known for ages. After all, Öland is a very diverse island. A mosaic of nature types – such as deciduous forests, beaches, coastal meadows, coniferous forests and alvar – which together create a different scenery full of contrasts which is fundamentally different from landscapes in other parts of Sweden.

We had barely touched Öland´s beach when we already noticed that this was a landscape unlike any other in Sweden.

Carl Linnaeus, 1741

The alvar landscape

If farmers on Öland had not raised livestock, no alvar would have existed. It is due to the interplay between man, animals and a peculiar nature that these open plains have been formed and preserved. There are alvar plains in both Northern and Southern Öland, with the Great Alvar in the south as the best known example.

An open animal park

The entire area around Ottenby can be seen as one big, open animal park. Stroll carefully through broad-leaf forests and you will meet roe deer and bucks. Out on the wide coastal meadows and sandy beaches, you will find an extraordinary variety of birds. Just off the coast, seals are often seen sunbathing on the rocks.

Guided tours

Knowledge will add value to any experience. This is something Ölandsguiderna (the Öland guides) take as a starting point. Join a guided bus tour based on Johan Theorin's crime novels "Skumtimmens Öland" or the bus tour "Världsarvsturen" on the Great Alvar, learn more about Öland’s unique flora, or choose one of the many other guided tours which are arranged throughout the year.

Öland’s foundation

Welcome to a journey in time which stretches over 600 million years, in Geopark Öland. Each millimetre of limestone represents 1000 years in time. Learn more about how Öland came into existence, be amazed at man’s relatively short time on earth, and see why Öland is fundamentally different.

Blue Öland

Take the opportunity to discover Öland as you will not see it by car or bike, on a tour with geologist Jan Mikaelsson. During this guided tour along the coast between Byxelkrok and Horns Udde, you will hear about Öland’s exciting history from the time when the island lay on the southern hemisphere until the present! You will of course also learn about the island’s unique limestone with its ancient animal life in the form of fossils, and the significance of limestone for the local population throughout history. At the quarry near Horns Udde you will see traces of early quarrying during Gustav Vasa’s era from a completely different perspective that sets the imagination going.

On the waves – a glance towards land

Öland’s long coast lends itself perfectly for sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. If you travel by boat, there are many pleasant marinas to choose from, and Byxelkrok, Borgholm and Färjestaden also offer great “life-on-shore”.

58 metres above sea level

Öland is not known for its high peaks or deep valleys, which make it perfect for a cycle tour. You only have the sun and the winds to contend with. On any occasion, a trip by bike or on foot will provide a picturesque experience. The great variety between north and south, with the beautiful Mittlandskogen (midland forest) in the middle, will provide new impressions with every kilometre. Take your camping equipment or stay at a B&B or hotel. The choice is yours.