Gettlinge burial field

You will find the burial field at Gettlinge along the western ridge next to road 136, with a splendid view over the Kalmar Strait. Some of the graves are located on the Alvar, east of the main road.

The grave field stretches about 2 km south from Klinta, or Gettlinge village. The northern part of the field contains the most varied burial formations. Here you will find a ship tumulus (stone ship) and a few stone circles made of round stones resting on three smaller stones, which is a typical ancient monument on Öland.

Next to the stone ship, there are two tall upright limestone slabs. The grave field contains a number of upright stones, square stone settings, etc. Only a minor archaeological excavation has been performed on this site, which revealed findings from the Roman Iron Age. Spurs, spear heads and a shield buckle have been discovered. The grave formations in question indicate that the main part of the burial field probably dates back to the late Iron Age.