Geological garden and Bergstigen hiking trail

Södra Möckleby Hembygdsförening (local heritage centre) with Bergstigen hiking trail, Geological garden and museum


The Geological garden near Södra Bruket is an exciting and informative place to visit. The garden consists of two separate parts, an information point (Navet) in the northern part of the area, and the Geological garden of Art on the south slope of the alum factory ruins. The ruins of the alum factory, built in 1804, and the workers' quarters of Södra Bruket dominate the area.

Bergstigen – a hiking trail

A path along cultural and natural sites - 6 kilometres through the World Heritage Site of southern Öland.

Bergstigen – the northern part with lime kilns

Coming from the north, you can begin your walk at Strömgatan/Strömmelns gård. The trail leads between the old stone quarries with open lime kilns side-by-side. Here, you will also find a small lake with a rich bird life. A dream come true for any bird watcher! The trail continues south to viewpoint "Utsikten", where there are seats, tables and a barbecue area.

The local heritage centre

Södra Möckleby Hembygdsförening (local heritage centre) was founded in 1949. During the first years, there was not much activity. Annual meetings were held in 1950 and 1951, but then the society was idle until 1957. Since that time, it has been active in the area.