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KronoCamping Saxnäs/Cottages

Area: Central Öland  Map

Guest score: 86% 6 of 7 recommend
Cabins Our location, just north of the Öland’s Bridge, makes it easy to reach all sights both north and south on the island. Saxnäs is also a good starting p...

Talluddens Camping - Cottages

Area: Färjestaden  Map

Guest score: 91% 10 of 11 recommend
Cabins Unique central location by the harbour in Färjestaden. Shallow, child-friendly sandy beach. There is a small beach restaurant, 2 minigolf courses firs...

Klintagården Cottages

Area: Köpingsvik  Map

Guest score: 0% 0 of 1 recommend
Cabins Klintagården is a family camping and summer camp with charming camping plots, small and larger cottages, various hostel accommodations and hotel rooms...

Solvändans Stugby

Area: Northern Öland  Map

Guest score: 84% 26 of 31 recommend
Cabins Small holiday village with 12 cosy cottages. 2 km to the centre of Byxelkrok and the harbour with ferry services from Oskarshamn, fish smokehouse, pu...

Kapelludden Camping & Stugor/Cottages

Area: Borgholm  Map

Guest score: 75% 9 of 12 recommend
Cabins Kapelludden - close to everything! Located right by the beach and within walking distance of the summer town of Borgholm. Spend a comfortable holiday ...

Byxelkorks Gästhem cottages

Area: Northern Öland  Map

Guest score: 75% 3 of 4 recommend
Cabins Central position, opposite the harbour in Byxelkrok, with view over Kalmarsund.

Allégårdens Cottages & camping

Area: Southern Öland  Map

Guest score: 75% 3 of 4 recommend
Cabins Feel the peace and quiet of Southern Öland's World Heritage Site, at walking distance from the Great Alvar! Allégården is located in the middle of the...

Stenåsa Stugor & Camping/Cottages

Area: Öland  Map

Guest score: 88% 21 of 24 recommend
Cabins Camping in a beatiful natural setting amid the World Heritage site in southeastern Öland. Broad shore meadows surround this peaceful oasis, which also...

Grankulla B&B & Cottages

Area: Northern Öland  Map

Guest score: 100% 2 of 2 recommend
Cabins At the shore of Grankulla bay near the beach and fantastic fishing waters. Pets allowed

KronoCamping Böda Sand/Cottages

Area: Northern Öland  Map

Guest score: 88% 7 of 8 recommend
Cabins Welcome to a complete holiday village teeming with activities. Stay on a 20-km white sandy beach with shallow water. A paradise for families with chil...

Lundegårds Camping/Cottages

Area: Köpingsvik  Map

Guest score: 89% 84 of 94 recommend
Cabins Lundegård is one of Öland's biggest campsites with lots of green areas and vegetation. Nice views over Kalmar Sound. Family friendly holiday village j...


Area: Northern Öland  Map

Guest score: 100% 2 of 2 recommend
Cabins Rättaregården, Enerum, Byxelkrok. Situated at Byxelkroks golfcourse. You can choose between 8 modern and fresh floors and cottages in a calm and idyl...

Klinta Camping/Cottages

Area: Köpingsvik  Map

Cabins Klinta Camping is a 4-star campsite with cottages in a scenic setting in Köpingsvik on sunny Öland. There are many reasons to come to sunny Öland, but...

Ölands Camping & Resort - Mörbylånga Camping

Area: Southern Öland  Map

Cabins Welcome to Mörbylånga Camping! A small, friendly, centrally located camping in a beautiful environment along a shallow shore. Big and easily, acces...

Borgholms Stug & Fiske

Area: Borgholm  Map

Cabins Establishment with 5 modern cottages and fishing ponds located by the entrance to Borgholm, only 10 min walk from the centre.

Cottage fishing Öland

Area: Central Öland  Map

Cabins Small complex with 15 modern cottages in quiet surroundings on Öland’s eastern side. The cottages are located at a private lake where guests can both ...

Eriksöre Camping/Cottages

Area: Central Öland  Map

Cabins Eriksöre Camping is a pleasant four-star family campsite, beautifully situated by Kalmarsund, 6 km south of the Öland Bridge. We strive to offer the b...

Ekerum Camping/Cottages

Area: Central Öland  Map

Cabins Ekerum camping is located in beautiful leafy and scenic surroundings in the middle of Öland, close to gorgeous scenery and places of interest.