A Royal Island

A royal island with a long history

Almost all kings since Gustav Vasa’s era in the 16th century have visited Öland! In the 17th and 18th century, the entire island was one large royal hunting ground. To stop game from encroaching on farmland, a wall was built right across the island north of Öland’s southern tip.

Solliden Palace

Queen Victoria commissioned this Mediterranean-inspired palace in 1906, on the advice of her doctor Axel Munthe. He thought that the large amount of sunshine and fresh air on Öland would be beneficial to the Queen’s health. The current royals also visit Öland regularly to enjoy the fine weather.

Today, Solliden is the Swedish royal family’s summer residence which they visit as often as they can. The palace is open for visitors during the entire summer season (May-September). Without a guide, guests have access to large parts of the parks, the café (Kaffetorpet), the palace gift shop (Slottsboden) and the pavilion with exhibitions.

Victoria Day

Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday is celebrated properly on Öland on 14 July. Members of the royal family attend, many artists perform and the Victoria scholarship – a coveted sporting prize – is awarded.

Another popular tradition in the celebrations – which is appreciated by many – is that the public is welcome to congratulate the Crown Princess in person at Solliden Palace.

Many events take place in Borgholm during the week of Victoria’s birthday, such as the Victoria tradeshow at Gula Paviljongen on 13 and 14 July and the popular running event Victorialoppet on 15 July.